Dalhousie Association of Graduate Students in English (DAGSE) is a student society dedicated to improving the professional and personal experience of graduate students studying English at Dalhousie. We facilitate communication between graduate students and faculty, and we foster a sense of social and academic community among graduate students. We represent graduate students at departmental and graduate committee meetings, and serve as representatives to the larger graduate student population at Dalhousie through the larger student society, DAGS. We also seek to professionalize and prepare our students for the job market through facilitating conferences.


Dalhousie’s Department of English has been offering the MA degree for at least a century, and began a PhD program in 1967. Our graduate programs are small and select: we take in about fifteen MA students per year, and about three or four doctoral students. There are up to thirty graduate students with workspace in the Department in any one year, and about eighteen students taking graduate seminars.